Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour
Sausalito, CA, USA
STROLL THE DOCKS OF THE BAY!This fabulous San Francisco day trip includes: House boat Communities Wooden Boats & Historic VesselsWWII Liberty Ship yards Art StudiosWooden Boat Center Tea & Cookies at the Boat Lettering shack THREE HOUR PUBLIC WALKING TOURS SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS 12:30pm- 3:30pm  Sausalito, the first town north over the Golden Gate Bridge, has a rich and varied nautical history. Take the world class ferry boat ride fromSan Francisco, California to Sausalito where you will pass Alcatraz Island, Angle Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy the shops and eateries of Sausalito in the morning then spend a delightful afternoon of strolling and storytelling with Sausalito artist and author of theSausalito Wooden Boat Tour guide book, Victoria Colella. Discover the floating works of art inside Sausalito's infamous house boatcommunities. Look out over Richardson's Bay and Mount Tamalpias as your guide gives a brief overview of Sausalito's nautical history. Understand how wooden boat building has influenced the development of the town. The oldest surviving wooden hulled ferryboat on the West coast is first on the route. As we move from dock to dock you will hear a complete explanation of how these communities evolved. Permission to be creative and expressive is the order of the day, so don't be surprised if you find yourself dancing about and reciting Bohemian philosophies! We then enter into the old shipyard to follow the path of the gantry cranes where the Liberty Ships were assembled during WWII. The WWII ship building operations here dramatically changed the character of the town and left behind an enormous piece of Bay fill we affectionately refer to as our historic Marinship district. Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the shipyard are the famous Sausalito art studios. Here we visit the studio of the first artist to inhabit this old WWII mold loft, American Expressionist, Walter Kuhlman. The work of hundreds of other artists are posted on the walls including painters, sculptors, fashion designers, graphic artists, photographers, architects, and more. If this tour has a heart is would have to be the "cathedral of wooden boat building" known as the Spaulding Boatworks. Understand the who, why, when and where of this time honored craft. Here underway is the restoration of the oldest wooden sailing yacht west of the Mississippi, The Arques School of Traditional Boat Building, a working boat yard and youth boat building and sailing program. Learn about Myron Spaulding and see his trophy collection, take in the fragrance of fresh sawdust and understand why Sausalito has a 'wooden boat soul'. On Sundays, when the center is closed, it's out to the docks to view the Arques School wooden boat collection as well as several other wooden vessels of historic significance and view the Spaulding operation from dockside. Finally, we are in the heart of the historic Marinship where the Liberty Ships were launched. Four of the original launch ways are still in use today. Here floating homes are built and restored, along with classic yachts, San Francisco fire boats and Alcatraz ferry boats. Its a rough and tumble area with an undeniable rustic charm and repleat with little wooden boat building shops and maritme crafts people. Tour finishes up with a fine table of tea and cookies at the old boat lettering shack adjacent to the WWII ship ways inside of Sausalito's working waterfront.
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$55 per person
Walking Tours in Sausalito
Sausalito, CA, USA
Walk our boardwalk back in time with Sausalito local resident and worldwide travel expert, Teri Goldstein, and learn all the gossip about this salty seaport town called Sausalito!   On this one hour walk through Sausalito's "other side of town", you learn about our beautiful city’s checkered past, her poolrooms & gambling, bootleggers & brothels, the notorious '60s of sex, drugs & rock'n roll and the community spirit which makes Sausalito the elegant lady she is today. Join us down the boardwalk back in Time when visiting Sausalito!
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$20 per person
Paddle Board in Marin
San Rafael, CA 94901, USA
When the tide is high and the wind is calm McNears Beach and China Camp offer some of the best flatwater SUP in the Bay.  We can help you find a board and PFD sized so you can enjoy the fastest growing sport in the world.  Want a total body workout? Want to see the area from a different perspective?  This is so different from being on or in a Kayak.  SUP is the way to go!
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$90 per person
Kayak Tours
Sellwood Portland, OR, USA
This is a 5 hour touring kayak package (no white water) for two adults. Adults must be less than 275lbs. I have one child's size kayak available. Child must be 100lbs or less. No experience necessary. You must be in relatively good health and able to paddle your own boat. Some instruction will be provided.Boats, paddles and life vests will be provided.
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$200 per person
Learn to FIX it!
XBOX, Iphone, Ipod, Mac, LCD, Computer Hardware Service and Repair!Stuck DVD Drive?Broken/Cracked Screen?Need to get past that level in COD, or Angry birds but can't see anything on the screen?Come and I will teach you how to troubleshoot and if possible repair your own broken device, from start to finish. It might take two or three trips but at least you will gain knowledge. I will hands on tech you with the correct tools, and show you where to buy the parts and tools if you want to fix your own items in the future! Everything is easier then they make it look. Only $30 Per item!
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$30 per person
wedding ring Creation
Spend 2 Days at my workshop and learn the art form of Lost Wax Castings.. bring your own gold, we'll melt it down and cast your own wax creation / carving into a beautiful life long lasting piece of jewelry.We also have a small guest cottage attached to the work shop available for guests that would like a more unique artist weekend.Enjoy dinner with my wife and I and fresh vegetables from our garden.You will leave Yreka, CA with new friends and a beautiful one of a kind jewelry piece for you or your loved one.
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$500 per person